The Out Barn

The Out Barn is family owned and run. It is part of Clough Bottom Farm and is available 50 weeks of the year for celebrations.  The Out Barn has its original roots in the 17th Century as a traditionally stone built barn. It has now been lovingly restored and developed to incorporate an elliptical shaped function room, contemporary in design. The cedar clad oval extension provides a light and airy space to hold your celebration. The design of the room maximises the use of space and comfort. Large oak bi-fold doors provide an outside-in feel (a great place from where to view the wildlife in their natural habitat.) On a long summer day, you may wish to open the doors to provide a seamless transition to nature and the farmland.

In addition to the function room, there is the smaller dining room in the original stone built barn. This room is furnished with large pine tables and benches and will comfortably seat between 40-50 people. This room is often used as a relaxation, quieter room to the main celebration. This room is also ideal for smaller intimate weddings and celebrations or for rehearsal get together’s the night before your wedding.


The Out Barn is a stylish, uniquely designed barn set within the 360 acres of Clough Bottom Farm.

In an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, The Out Barn is situated in the heart of the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, just 45 minutes from the major motorway networks.

Nestled in the beautiful English countryside away from the hustle and bustle of every day life you will find a serene environment with stunning views over the surrounding farmland, Pendle Hill and the Ribble Valley.

To visit us at The Out Barn please use the post code BB7 3JH

Floor Plans







Clough Bottom Farm, home to The Out Barn, is hidden down a leafy lane in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Tranquillity, peace and quiet … the only disruption being the noise of the gently flowing stream that passes through the farm.

Initially developed as a ‘Gentlemen’s Residence’ in the 1660’s the farm has seen many changes. During the Second World War prisoners of war worked the land and we are still finding some of their sabotage attempts today! During the 1950’s, Clough Bottom was a dairy farm, followed by a sheep and beef farm and in the 1960’s/1970’s the farm went into battery hen production.

In 1983, Harry bought the farm and working with his wife, Jane, has transformed it into what you see today, a highly diversified farm based on strong environmental practices. It couldn’t be more different to the battery farm approach.

Our Story

Harry has an engineering background and a passion for conservation, sustainability and renewable energy. This is the foundation of the Clough Bottom Vision. Jane has a retail and training Background.

In 1991, Harry and Jane set up, what is today a thriving corporate training company, Focus Experiential Training, which has resided in many of the barns on site before coming to rest in The Out Barn where it now compliments the use of the barn with Weddings and other celebrations.

Over the years, Harry and Jane have sympathetically restored the tired, natural stone farm buildings they inherited and put them to new use as long-term lets and, the jewel in the crown, ‘The Out Barn’. They all now sit perfectly in a beautiful natural landscape.

The farm has been organic since 2001 and this can be seen in all the farming practices.

Eco & Sustainability

Some of the projects that Harry has implemented at the farm include a water borehole and bio-diesel processing plant, in addition to constantly researching and developing strategies to include wind power, hydro power and biomass/CHP. Harry has sponsored and mentored a renewable initiative undertaken by a local education institution and has given many presentations to local businesses and industry groups on how to translate the theory into workable business solutions.

Sustainably Built Barn

The Out Barn has its roots in the 17th century and has been lovingly restored to show off its original features. Our extension is a blend of contemporary and traditional materials. As we have developed this barn we have minimised our environmental impact by recycling waste and using local materials. Much of the oak that you see in the building has come from our own land of 360 acres using dead and damaged oak trees which have now been replaced. Our heating and hot water is also from wood chip reducing our dependence on the grid by using a renewable source. The water you drink is from our borehole again another example of our drive to be sustainable. The elliptical shape of the function room, is unique and maximises use of space and comfort, with the under floor heating from the biomass the room will always be an even temperature. Despite using large bi-fold doors in the function room there will be no loss of heat whilst they are closed, as they are argon filled and the building is insulated to a very high standard. This is a quality build and we believe you can sense it in everything you see and feel. This barn is an outward demonstration of our values.